Diary of Marcos: February, 1, 1970 – Why I Am Fighting Communism?

From the Diary of Ferdinand E. Marcos, February 1, 1970.

To my children, Imee, Bongbong and Irene:

Why I am fighting Communism

1. Because it does not believe in God. It believes that everything that happens is brought about by man alone. It believes in the theory of dialectic materialism. I believe in God.

2. Under communism, a man has no rights. He is a creature of the State. It is the State that is glorified not man. So man becomes a slave under communism.


3. Under communism, a man has no freedom. In contradistinction to democracy where individual freedom is sacrosanct, communism does not allow such simple liberties as freedom of thought, speech and religion among many others. There is no such thing as dissent or debate or dialogue.

Diary of Marcos - February 1, 1970 page 1

Diary of Marcos – February 1, 1970 page 1

4. Correspondingly, under communism a man may own no land as he may not own any production goods. The cry of land for the landless is a mere shibboleth. For the land belongs to the state and the farmers are only slaves of the state. The farmers get a share of the produce byt only such share as the State arbitrarily dictates.

5. Communism is a totalitarianism or a dictatorship by the elite who have acquired power through force, killing, murder and coercion. Prime examples are Stalin and Mao Tse Tung.

6. Correspondingly the common people that communism is supposed to serve do not have any share in government nor in decision-making. Communism does not allow such simple processes as an election or voting or political campaigns. Everything is dictated by the few or the man on top who got there by force or violence.

Diary of Marcos - February 1, 1970 page 2

Diary of Marcos – February 1, 1970 page 2

7. The common people, the laborers, farmers and the employees, cannot rise beyond their level. They cannot send their children to school to become lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers or attain any profession they may wish. The State, meaning the ruling elite, determines what the people become. There is no alternative.

8. Communism gives no inducement to genius, talent, perseverance and hard work. Everybody is pulled down to a common wage or salary except the rulers who live in a state of luxury and privilege.

9. Communism ostensibly seeks to eradicate the ruling or influential oligarchies. But it succeeds in only replacing them with a worse group – the ruling or influential cliques and elite who actually rule without the approval or consent of the people. These group of elitists cannot be changed except by violence or force – by a revolution.

10. Communism ostensibly seeks to drive away the foreign colonialists in the Philippines, the Americans. But it would place the Philippines under a new alien power – Red China, which is worse. Our country should be free and not dominate by any alien power.

Diary of Marcos - February 1, 1970 page 3

Diary of Marcos – February 1, 1970 page 3

11. Communism believes in violence as the principal weapon of policy or of change. “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun,” is its principal dictum. Everytime there has been change in a communist country, there has been killing, arson, pillage and destruction – wasteful, merciless and senseless. In contradistinction to this, democracy offers change through the democratic process of elections and free speech in the open market of ideas. The process may be creaky, unwieldy and sometimes frustrating, but comparatively, it is humane, Christian, wiser, more democratic and less wasteful.

Let us improve the house we now have, [which] we call democracy – for it has defects. But let us not burn it down.

(Signed) Ferdinand E. Marcos

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  • Kari Normann

    Marcos Marcos Marcos parin

  • eclairtadas

    Marcos used communism to justify staying in power.
    Just look back in history, he pulled the Philippine economy down ‘given that it is a Capitalist state’ where no single person could destroy its integrity.. yet this person managed to ruin it by using its Dictatorial powers and threatening the lives and imprisoned the businessmen and entrepreneurs like Lopez… ever heard Lopez being a communist? btw, that’s how fucked up Marcos was. He lies to the world to the Filipinos, to himself and to his own diary and believes them… that’s how you make PERFECT lies.

    • ace

      Like the bombing of Plaza Miranda? or Killing of Ninoy? these are incidents done by the communist …. i think you need more to research of who FEM was and how the black propaganda of the Yellow armies with the backings of the CIA… all because FEM has the treasures that bankrolls the US and other countries central bank for 50 yrs.. see Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successors Agreement… I think nalason ng communistic Idealism ang informations mong naabsorb If u want a very good findings you study both Marcos and His political enemies at that times and u conclude it urself first before accusing of pulling Phillippine economy down? pls see the Infinite accounts of the WORLD BANK who are the General Owner and the General Beneficiaries…. you’ll discover that it is the People of the Philippine Islands and that includes you!…… and done it ? the person you looked down… Pres Ferdinand Marcos and Jose Rizal… you do more research on this eclairtadas

      • pclaire nga


      • eclairtadas

        mas kapanipaniwala pa rin yung so-called “communist stories” na sinasabi nyo kaysa sa fairy tail about Marcos LOL.

        common sense, mas makatotohanan na maraming human rights abuses noong panahon ni Marcos kaysa sa kwento na pinakamayamang tao si Marcos,.. so conclusion, t*nga ka

        • JOE DGRIT

          ..pasalamat ka sa martial law at buhay ka pa ngaun…kung hindi nagmartial law, at nagtagumpay yang communist stories mo na iyan, baka wala ka ngaun na pacoment-coment ng against kay Marcos…

          • JOE DGRIT

            ..pasalamat ka..hindi ka isinama sa mga daan-daan na pawang isinakripisyo ng mga makacommunista mong kasamahan noong araw, na ngaun nama’y binibintang mo kay Marcos…

    • Wala Walang

      boss, ang dahilan ng pagbagsak ng economiya ng pilipinas dahil sa communist..laganap na..nanggugulo na sila sa Pilipinas…hindi kasalanan ni Marcos yan, at yung mga binibintang sa knya na maraming nmatay sa pamumuno nya, basahin nyo n lng yung diary…which means gawain ng mga communist yun pra siraan si Marcos…common sense lng naman eh…eh nagpauto kayo sa mga Aquino…ayun…kinalabasan ng bansa natin..lubog na lubog

      • eclairtadas

        Lubog na lubog dahil kay Marcos.. estimate: By the time na nagdeclare ng martial law si Marcos ayon sa kanya… mayroong 1000 communist na armado, bago sya bumaba noong 1986. umabot sa mahigit 20,000 armed rebels dahil sa pangaapi ng gobyerno.. huwag kang shunga.

        • JOE DGRIT

          …mahirap makaintindi ang maling paniniwala…

        • Marbin

          As per Vice Pres Doy Laurel , when Marcos left the country, the number of NPAs in the country is only 16,500 . By 1988 under Cory govt, the number swelled to 25,200 including 2,500 NPA operating in Metro Manila. And don’t forget that Cory freed all the leaders of the CPP from prison including Joma sison (CPP Chariman) , Dante Buscayno (NPA Commander). And worse, she even employed many members of communist in her govt and compromised the country’s security.

        • Wala Walang

          heto sagot ko dyan……………puro kayo paninira……..Basahin mo ang Confessions of an Economic Hitman para maintindihan mo kung pano kinokontrol ng mga finance giants (imf/world bank/US corporations) ang isang third world country na mayaman sa natural resources. Ganyan na ganyan ang ginawa kay Marcos. Pero hindi cia pumayag sa kundisyon ng mga financial institutions na to kaya pinagtulungan ciang ibagsak. Ginawang puppet si cory aquino para maipatupad nila mga kondisyones nila sa mga proyektong naipatayo dahil sa pautang nila. Yun ang naging dahilan kaya d naibalik ang loan at lalong lumubo dahil sa inflation. Marcos was a visionary. He has the VISION that goes against corporatocracy and oligarchy. Yan ang dahilan kaya cia pinagtulung tulungang ibagsak.

          Pag d mo gets yan, magresearch ka.

          Ganito yan.. Umutang si Makoy at nagpagawa cia ng mga infrastructures. Nakita ng mga loan sharks (finance giants) na maibabalik sa kanila ung loan pero unti lang kikitahin nila tapos wala pa silang control sa ekonomiya ng bansa. So gumawa sila ng iba pang kondisyones para magpautang ulit. Kailangan sila ang pipili ng developer. Kailangang control nila ang intrastructure. Kailangang private at subsidized lang ng gobyerno. Pero ayaw ni Makoy yan dahil alam nia ang implikasyon ng ganung kasunduan.. Hindi makikinabang ang bansa sa kikitahin. Pero dahil hindi nila matalo sa legal process about international funding si Makoy (lawyer eh.. MATALINO at alam nia ang batas), kailangang mapatalsik cia sa power ng mga loan sharks (IMF/world bank/US based companies) na to para makuha nila gusto nila kapalit ng uutangin sa kanila. Pinagsama sama nila ang mga “power/money greed” na kalaban ni Makoy para gawan cia ng conspiracies at sirain ang pamamalakad nia. It is corporatocracy / olygarchy versus Marcos Governance. Una, umatake sila through destabilization – bomba dito, bomba dyan. Kumonista dito, ralyista dyan. Iresponsableng journalism dito (mga bayaran) at propaganda dyan. Ung mga nagorganize ng mga rally, pinagsasalvage mga leader at members nito para maibato ang kasalanan kay Makoy (gandang plano diba?? Effective para sa mga madaling mabrainwash). Naideklara ang Martial Law para labanan ang kaguluhang inumpisahan ng mga kalaban nia pero shempre, may mga bayarang militar na pinagaabuso ang kapangyarihan nila – dahil dyan, kasalanan na naman ni Makoy (propaganda eh) Galing ng mga atake diba?

          Si Makoy ay makabansa at pinaka-ayaw nia na nagagamit ang mga kababayan nia laban sa kanya..

          Dumating ang EDSA Revolt. It was bloodless and peaceful despite Marcos having enough military force to put up a good fight. Pero makatao cia at mahal nia kababayan nia (pro or against him) kaya bumaba cia sa pwesto ng di lumaban sa dahas. Ayaw niang maging collateral damage ang mga mamamayan sa pinaglalaban ng mga galit sa kanya. Ibang iba to sa na ginagawa ng mga diktador (they fight with teeth. Usually ends up to a bloody event) sa ibang bansa pag nagkaka civil war sa kanila.

          So, panalo sila. Cory became president and as a puppet, kailangan niang ibalik ang favor and dahil dyan, she followed what the loan sharks asked her to do in exchange of helping her oust Marcos para makuha nia posisyon nia. Pinagsasara mga naipundar ni Marcos (ex Bataan Nuclear Plant), pinagbebenta, ginawang private. Eh putcha, pano ka makakabayad sa utang nian kung wala ka namang kikitahin (dahil mga loan sharks at oligarchs ang nagmamanage na sa kanila). At dahil d na nakabayad, nagiinteres na. Idagdag mo pa ang INFLATION kaya lalong lumubo. Tiba tiba mga loan sharks at private companies. Panalo sila. Talo ang mga mamamayan.

          D pa sila natapos. Para maging malinis ang ginawa nila, binato pa ng binato si marcos. Binaliktad na cia ngaun sa mga utang. Naglabas na sila ng mga fabricated documents against him. Sinabihan na ciang magnanakaw at mangungupit. Syempre, mababa na morale ng mga tao dahil sa kahirapan dulot ng destabilzation at loan debts, kailangan nila ng mableblame. Oh di si Marcos na lang (wala na, nabrainwash na).

          Umabot sa puntong kinasuhan at nilitis ang mga Marcoses sa international courts – ACQUITTED of all charges. Why??? Kasi nga they have legal and valid documents to prove their innocence against the cases filed against them.

          Sabi, andami daw nabawi sa mga Marcos. Nabawi ba or ninakaw?? Sige, nabawi na lang (para naman tumaas morale ng mga mapagbintang), pero asan na. Nakinabang na ba mga tao?? Ahhhh ehhhhh hindi po ehhh!! Either wala tlagang nabawi or napunta na sa mga totoong magnanakaw sa mga sumunod na adminstrasyon. Wow!! Win-win!! May naibulsa na sila, nagmukha pang masama si Marcos. Panalong panalo!

          Pero ang mga mamamayan ngaun (majority) eh naghihirap. Utang ng utang, wala namang naipupundar. May mga projects (short-terms and shady ones) pero pili ang mga nakikinabang. Pagsamasamahin man mga naging proyekto nila in 27 years after Marcos, d pa nila makalahati compared sa mga projects and accomplishments nia in 20 years.

          So, please. Tama na ang pagbubulag-bulagan at tama na ang pagbibintang.. Si Marcos lang ang nagisip ng long-term projects na ung iba (hindi pa napapalitan ang pangalan at naibebenta) eh kinamkam na rin to discredit him.

          • eclairtadas

            copy/paste non-sense

          • Wala Walang

            wala akong magagawa..sarado isip mo eh..haha

          • eclairtadas

            Binasa kong maigi, masyadong maraming conflict sa totoong pangyayari.. ni wala nga kayong credible source para patunayan yan..

            poorly written by a poorly brained loyalists. sa susunod ayusin nyo ang pagsusulat para magmukhang kapani-paniwala.

          • Danielle

            i pity you. the only non-sense here is this argument. especially your side of it.

          • Wala Walang

            ang haba nyan pra i type ko at may sense yng post na yan…tamad ka lng basahin.. noytard

          • eclairtadas

            Nabasa ko na yan matagal na. kaya nga ang sabi ko ay “NON-SENSE”.

          • Jme

            The truth already has spoken. !!! The Philippines was better 30 years ago than today. !!! President FEM is best leader & president for Philippines to date.

          • Alex Alvarez

            Ikaw ga ang non sense eh…

    • pclaire nga

      Eclair sure ka second richest country in asia next to japan panu nasabi sa dami ng ngawa nya at naipatayo yellowtards k pla eh

      • eclairtadas

        ahh siguro dahil sa term ni Marcos tinawag na Sick man of Asia ang Pilipinas sa dami ng utang na hindi nabayaran at patong-patong na interest LOL.

        second richest ang Pilipinas bago pa maupo si Diosdado at Marcos.. FYI

        • paul reyes

          utang na napunta sa napakaraming proyekto na pinatigil at tinengga ng putang inang cory at sadyang di bayaran ang utang ng pinas at umutang pa ng umutang para lalong lumobo ang utang ng pinas at ipakasalanan lahat kay marcos? cory’s word I want the filipino people to suffer. so that they hate marcos…

          • eclairtadas

            actually.. Cory had the chance to reject the debt since hers was a revolutionary government and the $28Billion was Marcos’ government’s debt.. just setting the record straight. nagbalik ang tiwala ng ibang bansa sa Pilipinas dahil pinili ni Cory na bayaran ng revolutionary government ang utang ni Marcos. that was her mistake.

          • Lukenov

            Isipin mo po muna to ha. They have the choice to pay Marcos Governments’ Dept but they didn’t until lumobo po yung dept na yun dahil alam nila na magagamit po nila ito bilang isa sa mga black/yellow propaganda nila kontra Marcos. common sense lang po walang halong hard thinking.

          • eclairtadas

            wow you are one confused little creature.

            but what i see here is that you halfly admitted that Marcos left a big debt for the next generations to pay.

            Kahit noong bagyong Yolanda pinaguusapan ng ibang bansa yang utang na yan.

            huwag ka magpanggap at ginamit mo pa yung word na common sense lol

          • eclairtadas

            wow you’re one confused littke creature.

            the debt was already at $28BILLION. by 1986 before he stepped down…

          • Mario Dela Cruz Porcema

            Halaga ng ginastos sa ipinatayong nuclear power plant ( $20 billion) Na kung ipinag patuloy lang sana ni Cory Aquino malaki sana ang naitulong sa ating bansa.Anong sabi ni Cory Aquino kesyo ma aalala lang daw ng taong bayan si Marcos pag itinuloy nya ang pag operate ng Nuclear Power Plant..Anong sagot ni Marcos kay Cory Kabobohan iyan kung galit ka sa akin huwag mong idamay ang sambayan pilipino wala silang kinalaman…Marami pang naipagawa na hanggang ngayon napapakinabangan natin lahat diyan napunta ang halos lahat ng inutang niya normal lang na ang mga susunod na maging pinuno ng bansa ang siyang mangasiwa sa pagbayad dahilan tayo naman taong bayan ang nakikinabang..Para ano pa at nag babayad ng buwis ..

          • Luz Viernes

            Very crystal clear na ignorant idiot. Ka!!

    • mojo76

      during marcos era everythingis owned by the government but after edsa till now it is now ownde by the private businessman there is no nation building afte rmarcos its all nation selling to the few greedy elite oligrach and the masses are the one wh are suffering

      • eclairtadas

        you yourself sound like a communist. Do you oppose Capitalism?

        • mojo76

          i dont oppose capitalism provided it is pro poor…..sino bang umasenso after edsa ni cory hindi naman ang mga masang pilpino kundi mga KKK at mga few elite oligrach na laging escape goat ay isisi kay marcos para busy p rin silang kunin lahat ng mga asset ng gobyerno pwede nyong ma brain wash ang mga tao pero hindi lahat kita naman sino lang nakinabang after edsa ni cory…..

          • eclairtadas

            no actually.. Capitalism is mostly pro-rich.. What you mean is Socialism, it is for the less fortunate to he helped by fortunate people.. you don’t know what you’re talking about do you?

          • mojo76

            i know what im talking abt do you think i will not search abt diff type of government.. just plain simple edsa was only a propaganda of the few elite oligrach and greedy businesman who are now controling the media in which in return trying to pre condition again the mind of the masses to blame marcos again and again its been 30 yrs with out marcos are we better as a nation wala akong nakitang nation building instead nation selling……

          • Bkacksanny

            Socialism talks what the poor wants to hear but their later actions would show otherwiae. Look at China. During World war 2 the Communist party and the KMT helped each other to drive out of China the Japanese invaders. After World War 2 the two opposing parties were again at odds. The Communists told the peasants what they wanted to hear, Equal opportunity, more for the poor, emancipation of the tenant farmers, procecution of the corrupts and many other pro-poor promises. After 1949 when Ciang Kai Shek retreated to Formosa (Taiwan) those promises vanished into thin air. The government declared that all lands belong to the government. Only the selected few offsprings of the ruling elite were allowed to go to higher educational institutions. Every farmer including former landowners have to till the farms for the government. Farmers are only given coupons for every day’s toil. The produce are all stored in a government controlled granaries. All businesses belong to the government even a small sari-sari store. Your earned coupons can be exchanged for food in the nearest govt controlled/owned stores. The communist party decides what you are going to be, a farmer, a miner, a warehouse man, a construction laborer, a fisherman. The young kids are taken to school where they are brainwashed by the government. At home you cannot talk against the government. Your child will report you to his/her teacher who will will report you to a communist cadre. You will be metted death by firing squad. When your parents are old or sick, they will be taken away from you. If a woman had just delivered a baby, you will bring your baby to a government controlled day care center before you go to the farm where you were assigned. After working 12hours you pick up your baby at the day care before you GI home. After giving birth to your first born, you are no longer allowed to bear a second child. If by accident you become pregnant, your baby will be KILLED RIGHT IN THE HOSPITAL! THAT IS SOCIALISM. AND ECLAIRTADAS, BELIEVE ME. I WAS THERE SINCE (1949) I WAS 5 years old. I was allowed only to leave SINGKIANG province for Hong Kong in 1974. And I add: In China, if you are in one province, you cannot go to another province without prior permit to travel from the mayor or governor. Those mentioned above are but a few of the GOOD THINGS ABOUT SOCIALISM WHICH MARCOS DIDN’T WANT TO HAPPEN
            TO US.

          • Luz Viernes

            You have a commie mindset that’s why you think capitalism is for the rich..

          • eclairtadas

            All you have there is anti-Cory sentiments.. yeah based on experience, most Marcos Loyalists defies Logic lol are you one of them?

            Glorifying Marcos for preventing communists yet talks like a communist.

          • mojo76

            i will not talk to much but presently are you saying where better now than before i dont think so,so if you are a fan of boy sisi president look around our country and tell me what we are now as a nation

          • eclairtadas

            that’s not even relevant. Anong kinalaman ng mga administrasyon ngayon sa pagbagsak ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas noong panahon ni Marcos?
            the question should be. Kaninong pinagkalatan ba ang nililinis hanggang ngayon?

            Kailan ba tayo nakabangon matapos ilubog at pagnakawan ni Marcos ang buong Pilipinas? Right now we’re back on track, bigo talaga ang gobyerno natin at hindi madaling ibangon ang bansang 20years nilubog sa hirap. si Marcos ay tiwali at magnanakaw. lunukin mo na lang LOL

          • mojo76

            hahaha buti na lang merong social media kaya nababasa mo ang both side ng story hindi lang pabor kay boy sisi aquino dati na yon naman ang gustong eproject sa media na marcos ay masama habang ang mga oligarch busy kakabili ng government asset bakit d ka ba nagugulat sa panahon ni marcos gobyerno ang mayari ngayon nasa private businessman from electricity ,housing ,water, transportation etc …..kulang na lang pati hospital maging private na…..sabihin mo kay aquino yong DAP at PDAF na sinabi ng SC unconstitutional pero ginawa pa rin ito yong legal na paraan para magnakaw ng pera ng bayan…..bakit d mo alam 986 cases vs marcos ang na file ng gobyerno ng pilipinas sa internaitonal court sa america pero zero conviction bakit kaya ….hahaha basa ka naman ng both side ng story para naman ganahan akong mag research…..

          • eclairtadas


          • Marcelo Valdecantos

            hoy eclairtadas parang ang debate mo ay malayo kasi meron kang name calling pagkatapos….hindi mo na kayang panindigan ang mga sinasabi mo kaya lumalayo ka sa issue at nagiging personal. Dapat kapag nakumbinse ka naman ay aminin mo naman at huag ka magkunwaring may alam pa. Sabagay dapat ka lang imulat sa katotohanan. Noon ganyan ako tulad mo na gusto ko palagi ako tama at kung nasukol ako at parang talo e hindi magpatalo…pero nagbabago ako at isinaalang alang ko ang totoo. Masarap pakiramdaman ang ganun kaya kung naiisip na tama sila at merong points e tanggapin mo naman…yun bagang …hmmm tama nga. di ba?

          • eclairtadas

            seriously? xD

          • Lukenov

            “Monopoly of the Oligarchs
            Hegemony of the Media
            Mediocre life of the Middle Class
            and Eternal Suffering of the Poor.” – The fruit of EDSA Revolution 1

          • eclairtadas

            you know one of the well-respected lawyer in Philippine history Jose Diokno? I suggest you watch his 1983 documentary titled.. “To sing our own songs”. you can take his words for it.

          • Marbin

            Why not read this article: Shultz and the Hitmen, Destroyed the Phil ( kindly google it)

          • eclairtadas

            wow the author must be an id*ot… he simply ignored the court rulings of different countries like Singapore and Switzerland on how the Marcos wealth were ill-gotten.

          • Luz Viernes

            Irrelevant to an ignorant idiot who doesn’t doesn’t have functioning brain cells like you!

          • Jose Genaro Catolico

            Marcos and fr. Diaz was the richest man in the world in 1949.
            You can’t not accept the reality for your mind was corrupted.
            Marcos leadership budget for 20 years was 480Billions of pesos with soòoò muchhhhh project for the people and they were still very useful to date…
            Cory Aquino the queen of Philippines witches stole trillions of pesos and sold Marcos project by privatizing them.
            During Marcos we are one of the richest nation in Asia next to Japan and with advanced powerful military.
            Now tell me where are we right now? We are branded the most corrupt government in the world by the UN. Be true to yourself and don’t be hypocrite. Don’t you know that Aquino and the LP Crooks sold Mindanao to Malaysian Aquino BBL.

          • eclairtadas

            facts please?

          • Danielle

            here’s a fact: you’re an idiot.

          • Luz Viernes

            Read ” Bill And Betrayal, Sequel of 1986 Revolution ( Cory Kurakot spent over a trillion pesos ! No infrastructures, all she did built statues, went after the so-called stolen wealth of Marcos but unfortunately it was built on rumors and innuendos without evidence or proof! Over 900 launch by Cory Kurakot Aquino against Marcos was exonerated, google it ignorant idiot to know the truth, blinded!.

          • Pilo Sopio

            eclairdas, nung panahon ng Edsa sino ba ang mga taong namuno at nag organized nito? Ramos, Enrile, Estrada, Binay atbp, ano ba sila ngayon di ba sangkot sila sa corruption?

          • eclairtadas

            Estrada was Marcos’ ally.. you really don’t knoe anything do you? stop pretending.

          • Luz Viernes

            You’re the one who is so blinded with your commie Ideology. Ifyou think that Communists ideology is so great, why is it that most of the. Communists countries economy were stagnant?! I’ll informed short sighted Communist like you, brain functions just one side! No room to change your mind set, because you’re already programmed like robot by your master manipulator!

          • Danielle

            bakit si Marcos lang ang pinupuntirya mo? Ang mga presidenteng sumunod sa kanya ay nag-iwan din naman talaga ng “kalat”. probably even more so! stop accusing marcos of such things. you wouldn’t be here if not for him.

          • Bkacksanny

            Eclairrtas I am not glorifying Marcos. I am just reacting to you comment that under socialism the fortunate are helping the poor. And I laid to you FACTS about SOCIALISM particularly the MAOIST BRANF OF SOCIALISM.

      • Blacklion

        Kudos to your statement mojo76 , Ace, Joe Genaro Catholic. To eclairtadas, you are lost in spaces. even the professor of political science on one of the top 10 universities of our country now a day’s will agreed that mid 60’s 70’s and 80’s are the Philippines hike up to economic prosperities, with a well define and sound AFP. Wake up and just look at our AFP now. The Philippines was well protected with Uncle Sam backing. Can you cry to the current gov. about why our 7107 islands who used to have a vigorous military defense, now can’t even guard our ADIZ? This country was well protected by FEM. Communist uprising in our beloved country here’s your statement.

        By the time na nagdeclare ng martial law si Marcos ayon sa kanya… mayroong 1000 communist na armado, bago sya bumaba noong 1986. umabot sa mahigit 20,000 armed rebels dahil sa pangaapi ng gobyerno..

        Your are so naive! Philippines is a very rich country with all the beauty and our natural resources, tourism is one of the best that is just now being discovered. Were still untouched by foreign countries during the time of FEM., yet he maintain the balance of diplomatic alliance by agricultural trade to both Marxist & Mao Communist country. Look at that country now, they bow down there communism simply because they cannot support there cost and there people to what they believe in. Capitalism? I bet you were born in the same blanket protection of the word Capitalism. The US did more for our country that any communist country in this small world. This beautiful country is still a Republic with the best ideology for well patterned Democratic way of life. Heck even our oath to Gov. office is 90 percent same copycat as Uncle Sam, If your so smart about the Politics of our country, and the events that lead us to what we are now. Look back and smell a sampaguita. In the Metro Manila, controversial entrepreneur who help our nation capital in the economic industrial boots has been long forgotten. I bet you know Harry Stonehill huh? look at all the candidates accomplishment and track record while they’r in there post! Then vote and do the right thing, but by the sound of your content, you must be a supporter of the pinko commie bastard! It was better before than now, I think it can be better again.

    • mono tarantado tanga


    • Glory Soriano Hildrieth

      BBMarcos for President 2016!! period!! keysa naman sa retard na P’Noy administration nyo ngayon..

    • Onid67

      Senator Marcos: Let us move on from issues resolved 30 years ago
      Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos said the country must not dwell on problems about his family that he claimed were already resolved many years ago but instead government should focus on what would make people’s lives better. “In 1986 or about 30 years ago, these were resolved. Those who were criticizing got their wish, it is finished. Let us move on,” he said.

      • eclairtadas

        you cannot take anything a Marcos says at face value. Remember the fake medals, fake educational background. anong kredibilidad meron sila?

    • Nathanjo Eem Akyatan

      Are you in drug? Honestly, FEM never pulled down the Philippine economy..he created projects that helpful to the common tao..implemented programs that addressed energy crisis and rice shortage..build infrastrures both in urban and rural areas in the Philippines na d man lng nabanggit sa mga textbook ng ating mga paaralan. Who’s to be blamed? Eclairetadas ask the idiots and they the knew the answer…(the one who took over malacanangby people power..the one who sold government owned and controlled company one by one to the private intities.. The one who implement contractualization dahilan ang pilipinong manggagawa naging…nganga! The one who implements government policies that add the burden of the ordenaryong mamayan..there’s a lot of things to say but mind you…hayaan kong ang kasaysayan ang maghusga because the truth will speak itself.maigi ng tawaging mangmang at bubo kesa tawaging edukadong tanga.

      • eclairtadas

        Marcos was included in Harry Stonehill scandal.
        Matagal ng corrupt si Marcos FYI.

    • garfield

      ang mayaman ayaw nilang maghirap ok lang ang mga taong mahihirap ang magsakripisyo ano tayo nagyon dakilang talunan sa lahat ng karatig bansa minamaliit san damakmak n crimen kahit 2months n bata ni rerape may econmy sino ang nakikinabang ung mga mayayaman na mas Lalo pang yumayaman ako new millineum ako pero hindi ako one sided at hindi makitid ang utak ko

    • Alex Alvarez

      Justifying power? Me rebellion ang mga komunista, me rebellion ang mga nsa mindanao. Kilala mo ba ag mga founder at kung sino kaibigan? Mga kaibigan ni Ninoy ang mga iyon. Puwede magbasa ka yellow tards?

    • Luz Viernes

      Isa kang NPA/ Communists or yellow turd zombie na nakikibalita lang sa kapwa utak biya! If you could use your brain to think critically, you should at least do.some research and read! Utak mo.kagaya ni Abnoynoy At mga programmed brain na naniniwala sa sabi-sabi! Watch Victor Corpuz sa You Tube, watch M/V Karagatan na nagpapatunay na. NPA ay Nag import ng armaments from Communists China stupid idiot!

  • Jamil Ramos

    I am a living witness before and during Martial Law. The situation before Martial Law, most of the elitists, the oligarchs, the hacienderos and the politicians in power are making havoc and fear at the larger scale of our populace. The nations wealth rolls within these elite groups and the poor of the poorest have always been victims of injustices. These politicians used their pork barrel to maintain their goons and lavish lifestyle, and the gap between the rich and the poor was too wide that almost no hope for the poor to get grow. This is the reason why many filipinos were displaced and killed by the goons of these elitists with no justice at all and the government not capable to maintain peace, law and order all through out. When President Marcos was reelected in 1969, many politicians cannot accept that fact that a sitting President is to be reelected that galvanized the political oppositions to the extent of organizing the CPP/NPA and subsequently the MNLF in Mindanao area. The political opposition then under the helm of Benigno Aquino Jr made good of their fight against Marcos that almost cost his death several times until they were confirmed supporting and financing communist underground movement and collaborated with Malaysia to support muslim rebellion in the south in exchanged of cooling down the country’s claim over Sabah, thus, the growth of activism reaches to its peak that pushed Pres. MARCOS to declare Martial Law that resulted to the arrest of many political oppositions who in one way or the other collaborated to the CPP/NPA and MNLF REBEL TERRORISTS. It was during this Martial Law period, President Marcos was able to institute drastic changed to reform the society and spearheaded nation building from north to south that propelled the Philippines into one of the most progressive countries in ASEAN nations next to Japan. Life then was smooth ceiling with peace and tranquility to freely move any where to do normal lives. But then, when Ninoy Aquino despite convictions of many crimes was allowed to go US for heart treatment, that started again a trouble on the Marcos Administration where Ninoy Aquino collaborated with the CIA and some US Senators calling Marcos to step down that derail economic growth. PFEM tried his best to repel this move of Sen.AQUINO JR and group but the latter’s death right at the doorstep of MIA tarmac has ended the Marcos Regime. By then, all those good programs, on going projects and visions of President Marcos for the welfare of the filipino people were all put to halt, abandoned, moot balled.

    • mojo76

      totally agree sir…..

    • Diosdado de Guzman

      Well done mr jamil Ramos that’s the real story…

  • alfonso g. aquino

    I am also a participant and observer of the Marcos years, which covers the period from January 1966 to February 1986. President Ferdinand E. Marcos was democratically elected three (3) times to serve as President of the Republic of the Philippines. His term for the period covering 1969 to 1973 was disrupted when he declared Martial Law on September 11, 1972. To those who claimed at the time that Marcos took the law in his own hands for resorting to this emergency power, and for the information of the current crop of propagandists against Marcos, Martial Law is an act that was provided by the 1935 and 1973 constitutions to mandate the President to institute emergency measures to counter general lawlessness which constitute clear and imminent danger to the survival of the Republic. In short, Marcos acted legally and within the confines of the Constitution. He lifted Martial Law in 1981, followed by a general election where he was elected for the third time to serve as President. This mandate of the masses was terminated by the so called EDSA revolution, and Marcos went on a U.S. sponsored exile to the Hawaiian Islands, where he died 3 years thereafter……….Now, we must learn to find out if it were to the interest and benefit of the Filipino people to have this particular period in our history resolved objectively and fairly, and whether or not President Ferdinand E. Marcos sojourn is worth this debate………Let us start by considering all the allegations and accusations that he was a “dictator and a tyrant” and guilty of human rights abuses, was corrupt and a thief of the highest order. First, the title of “dictator and tyrant” pertains to one who rules in a totalitarian state and the government is dictatorial and oppressive. Do you see any likeness of the foregoing definition and description to the persona of the late President Marcos? But the answers will be along the lines of pros and con. Yet, we should remember that even during the imposition of Martial Law, the three branches of government were alive and functioning. Even the smallest unit of government, the Baranggay, were kept busy performing their assigned task. This is a sure indication that democracy was very much alive, and in this environment how could there exist a dictatorial government?Another question would be: Which official body involved in the litigation of human rights had convicted the late President Marcos? The answer is definitely none, and no one in the opposition can provide one, not even the former nun Etta Rosales of CHR can produce one. As for Graft and Corruption, which included the First Lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, in the charges, the extravaganza produced zero conviction. Should we proceed further?……….Yet, this demolition of an era which endeavored to create drastic changes and reforms in our political system, alternatives which would alleviate the sufferings and hardships of a very large majority of the Filipino people, is again being revived by the same cabal of politicains, oligarchs, the Catholic Church and multi-national interest with no other motive than to farther advance their prosperity at the expense of the common tao, in the light of the prospective return to power of another Marcos—son Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr., whose nickname Bongbong is occupying all the spaces of social media at the moment and whose resounding endorsement for the Presidency in the elections of 2016 by the youths of today stirred quite a chilling effect on this anti-Pilipino group, hence their frenzy to destroy all the good things Marcos has done for his country and people……….Should we go farther down the past and innumerate all the accomplishments and achievements of the Marcos years which are still around and still being beneficial to the Pilipino people? I prefer not to anymore, because they have long spoken for themselves.

    • John Bautista Borromeo

      Thanks for the history lesson sir. I for one is a true and solid marcos. Apo lakay for me is one of the true hero of the pilipinos.

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  • Sa manlulupig ‘di pasisiil

    Die communist die

  • stephen

    Ninakawan na NOON at pinagtatanggol pa ngayon grabe na kaBOBOHAN talaga mga PINOY

    • Alex Alvarez

      Puwede patunaan mo muna ang sinasabi mo? Kahit saan korte di mapatunayan ang bintang mo.

    • Luz Viernes

      Ikaw Kaya ang maliwanag na bobo dahil wala kang alam. Paano nakikibalita ka lang sa mga.kapwa mong NPA/ Communists or mga Yellow turd zombies na ill informed. O di nananaliksik ng katotohanan.! Busy ka lang na nakikitsismiss! Feed your brain dead stupid idiot!

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