Presidential Decrees were an innovation made by President Ferdinand E. Marcos with the proclamation of Martial Law. They served to arrogate unto the Chief Executive the lawmaking powers of Congress. Only President Marcos issued Presidential Decrees. In the Freedom Constitution of 1986, President Corazon C. Aquino recognized the validity of existing Presidential Decrees unless otherwise repealed.

Presidential Decree No. 334, s. 1973 (Creation of Philippine National Oil Company)

MALACAÑANG M a n i l a PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 334 November 9, 1973 CREATING THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL OIL COMPANY, DEFINING ITS POWERS AND FUNCTIONS, PROVIDING FUNDS THEREFOR, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS, inspite of the planned accelerated power development program using indigenous resources and the planned institution of conservation measures, the country will still… Read more

Presidential Decree No. 40, s. 1972

MALACAÑANG  Manila PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 40 ESTABLISHING BASIC POLICIES FOR THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY WHEREAS, one of the primary concerns of the government in promoting the economic welfare of the people is to hasten electrification of the entire country, more particularly the rural areas; and WHEREAS, it is necessary to establish basic policies for the attainment of said objective;  … Read more
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