Philippines hosts Miss Universe 1974

Noong kapanahunan ng Martial Law, ginanap sa Pilipinas, sa unang pagkakataon, ang 23rd Miss Universe pageant noong July 21, 1974.  Ang Pilipinas ay ang ika-apat na bansa kung saan ginanap ang Miss Universe at pinakauna sa Asia. Mula 1952 hanggang 1971, ginaganap ang Miss Universe sa United States of America (USA).  Tapos sa unang pagkakataon, ginanap… Read more

Presidential Decree No. 492, s. 1974 (Creation of Manila Transit Corporation)

MALACAÑANG M a n i l a PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 492 June 27, 1974 CREATING THE MANILA TRANSIT CORPORATION, APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFORE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS, the proliferation of independent road transportation utility operators in Metropolitan Manila has not provided the commuting public with adequate and responsive service; WHEREAS, this condition cannot improve the… Read more

Presidential Decree No. 390, s. 1974 (Cost of Living Allowance)

MALACAÑANG  MANILA PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 390 GRANTING EMERGENCY COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCE TO EMPLOYEES OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT AND APPROPRIATING THE NECESSARY FUNDS THEREOF. WHEREAS, worldwide inflation primarily brought about by the energy crisis has resulted in the tremendous increase of domestic prices in particular and the cost of living in general; WHEREAS, the increase… Read more

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