August in Marcos HIStory

Here are the significant dates for the month of August in Marcos History.

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August 21, 1971

The Plaza Miranda bombing happened which caused 9 deaths and injured 95 others including many prominent Liberal Party politicians. It occurred during a political campaign rally of the Liberal Party at Plaza Miranda in the district of Quiapo, Manila in the Philippines. The opposition blamed President Ferdinand Marcos but later on, one of the witnesses of the planned bombing, NPA commander and retired AFP Brigadier General Victor Corpus, said that it was done by the Communist Party of the Philippines under the leadership of Jose Maria Sison also known as Joma Sison. One of the main public question was: Why Ninoy Aquino, the LP secretary general and star of the show, was not in the said rally?

August 21, 1983

Senator Ninoy Aquino, the number one critic of Marcos administration, was assassinated at the newly constructed Manila International Airport. Again, the opposition pointed President Marcos as the mastermind behind the killing. But First Lady Imelda Marcos responded by saying: “What will we gain in killing Ninoy?”. Also, one of the witnesses, M/Sgt. Pablo Martinez, said that Danding Cojuangco, the cousin of Cory Aquino, was the mastermind of the assassination. Martinez then suggested to the authorities to track down Col. Romeo Ochoco and Capt. Felipe Valerio, both now live in the US, in order to know the truth.

August 31, 1972

President Marcos wrote in his diary that he directed General Params of Task Force Soranay to prepare for possible attack of 2,500 NPA’s in Manila and 10,000 NPA’s nationwide.

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