Getting to know Borgy Manotoc

When asked: How did ‘Borgy’ come about?

“When I was born, I had a hole in my heart as well as an irregular and slow heart beat. At the time, I shared this physical trait with the iconic tennis player Bjorn Borg and so, my father, Tommy Manotoc (sportsman) coined the name Borgy for me.”
– In an interview By Men’s Folio last October 7 2012


Real Name: Ferdinand Martin “Borgy” Marcos Manotoc

Profession: Fashion Model, Entrepreneur

Date of Birth: April 9, 1983 (Aries)

Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Parents: Tommy Manotoc and Imee Marcos


Imee R. Marcos and Tommy Manotoc

Family Picture


Borgy Marcos Manotoc, Matthew Marcos Manotoc, Imee R Marcos, Michael Marcos Manotoc

When asked about being a grandson of Ferdinand E. Marcos

“People either loved or hated our family. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have never felt the need to defend my family to anyone. My brothers and I have never been pressured to pursue a life in politics; however, we all feel our own unique responsibility to the Filipino people.”
– In an interview By Men’s Folio last October 7 2012

Interview at Age 17


As Bench Model


As an Entrepreneur

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