“Justice for Marcos” Facebook group reaches 20K milestone

Yesterday, March 14, 2016, the number of members joining the call for “Justice for Marcos” exceeded 20,000 members milestone with an average of 500 members joining per week.  Members of this group are used to hate Marcos family until they REALIZED that:

(1) they have been brainwashed by the biased history books and yellow media;

(2) former president Ferdinand E. Marcos was indeed a GOOD leader, nation builder, genuine public servant and was already a secret billionaire before being elected as president in 1965.

(3) “Justice for Marcos” is for all Filipinos to know the truth about his wealth and his true intentions.

(4) “Justice for Marcos” will be served by recognizing the projects he accomplished and the laws he created for the welfare of the nation and not the YELLOW HISTORY BOOKS.

(5) it is time to awaken the people thru social media and the internet.

Also, members believe that Philippines will be a great nation again with the help of the Marcos family. Thus, members will definitely support Senator BongBong Marcos, Jr in his endeavor to help make Philippines great again.



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