The original 500 peso bill of the Philippines

Ang orihinal na pera na P500 ay may mukha ng dating pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos na ilalabas sana noong 1985 pero hindi naituloy dahil sa 1986 snap election at EDSA revolution.Makikita sa harap ng pera ang masayang mukhaa ni dating pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos at sa likod naman ay ang San Juanico Bridge, Angat Dam, at Batasan Complex.  Ito rin sana ay kasama sa New Design Series noong 1985.

Ito ay rin ang sinabi ng nag-design sa P500 na si Romi MananQuil sa kanyang website:
“The 500-peso Marcos bill was slated for production in late 1985. However, when a snap election was scheduled. The circulation of the newly printed bills was put on hold in deference to the law against electioneering as Marcos, whose image appeared on the new bank note was the incumbent running against Corazon Aquino. My 500-peso Marcos bill was never circulated and with the events that proceeded: the snap elections, the disputed victory of Marcos, the success of People’s Power in February 1986 and the instatement of Aquino as President, it perhaps seemed fitting that any vestiges of the overthrown government were thrown off. President Corazon Aquino soon ordered the redesign of the bill to honour her husband, Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino whose 1983 slaying became the catalyst for change and the new democracy’s rallying cry for the overthrow of Marcos. Though I was once again tasked with the redesign of the bill, my family’s move to Canada prevented me from taking on the assignment. “
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